Without a Trace: Ryan Brookhart talks Straight from Hell (2015)

Nov 9th 2017

by David Wain


Here’s a trivia question for all you Charles Band fanatics:

Aside from the iconic producer, whose name is most frequently listed on all physical media releases from Full Moon Features?

Hands up who said Ryan Brookhart? Indeed, for the best part of a decade the native Ohioan has designed countless key art for the majority of Full Moon’s releases. But, like so many people who you pigeonhole into a certain skill bracket, Brookhart’s abilities stretch far beyond creating the latest Blu-ray cover for a new Evil Bong movie, a fact that’s underlined with the release of his directorial debut TRACE, which hits UK shores this week as STRAIGHT FROM HELL.

“It’s funny, I’ve heard so often over the last few years that I’m just this...