Terror Films Moving Into the ‘House of Purgatory’ (Exclusive)

Sep 28th 2015
Bloody Disgusting

Terror Films has announced that they have acquired the supernatural horror film House of Purgatory for world wide distribution, which means we should be seeing the film in early 2016.

Writer/director Tyler Christensen explains, “There are so many distribution companies these days, especially in the horror genre, that it was very important to us to find the right company that not only had the proven track record, but also the same sensibilities when it comes to what makes good storytelling. We’ve found that in the team at Terror Films.

The synopsis for House of Purgatory reads:

Four mid-western teenagers go looking for a fabled haunted house on Halloween night. Once finding it, they slowly realize that the house is much more than a run-of-the-mill Halloween attraction – somehow the house knows each of their deepest secrets. One-by-one the house uses these secrets against the terrified teens who find themselves in a battle to save not only their lives, but their very souls.

The film stars Brian Krause (“Charmed”), Anne Leighton (“Criminal Minds”), and Laura Coover (“How To Get Away With Murder”).