Terror Films Expanding Their Widespread Reach of Horror (Films)

Jan 20th 2017
Horror Fuel

Hello there my Little Monsters, I am back again to share news of the best kind, the HORROR kind. I think it’s fair to say that we horror fans have a rather insatiable appetite, and we are always on the lookout for a way to satisfy said hunger for horror. Well it just so happens to be the intent of Terror Films to help us in that respect by releasing their films on different viewing platforms, while also expanding their distribution.

There are already three Roku pages, Free Flix Tonight24-Hour Movie Channel and Free Grindhouse Flix Tonight, which are currently active. Roku customers can find the Terror Films page by searching at the channel links I previously provided. Their entire 2016 roster of films will be available and includes: Antidote, Hell House LLC, The Dark Stranger, The Chosen, House of Purgatory, The House on Pine Street, Goddess of Love, Patient Seven, Landmine Goes Click and more titles to come in the near future.

In the coming weeks Terror Films will also be launching their titles at ibleedindie.comwhile also expanding globally to over 15 countries by way of iTunes International. When you add this to their already existing partnerships with Canada’s Raven Banner Releasing and their official foreign sales division, Automatic Entertainment, it becomes evident they are making a solid commitment to providing horror fans various ways to feed their “horror jones”.

Terror Films Executive, Joe Dain, shared his enthusiasm about these developments, saying, “We are in exciting times in the digital and VOD world of distribution. If handled correctly, we can shine a light on some of the best indie horror films out there that you might not otherwise see from some of our larger distribution counterparts.  We not only give these indie films exposure on a massive level across multiple platforms but by doing so we give them a real chance of being financially successful for everyone involved”.