Teaser Debut: A Taste of “TRACE” Through EVP

Sep 5th 2014

The directorial debut of graphic designer Ryan Brookhart and premiere release from genre company Terror Films, TRACE is a film rooted in aural terror and the phenomenon known as EVP. Appropriately then, the first teaser for the film gives you a taste of TRACE through the sounds of terror.

TRACE follows a group of friends experiencing EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) transmissions through recording equipment at their sound studio. Of course, this leads to terrifying occurrences and subtle plot twists with what could be extraterrestrial beings, demons or fears materialized by the personal psyche.

Brookhart previously told FANGORIA, “My conceit is, ‘what if we are communicating with the multi-verse?’ What if EVP is touching on Quantum physics? [What if] these demons or angels that we’re communicating with, these voices may in fact be ourselves or different versions of ourselves?”

We’ll find out what’s on the other end when TRACE completes post-production. For more on the film, visit the official Terror Films site and Facebook. Expect a full trailer in the coming months.