Must See Trailer for Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary Documentary!

Apr 21st 2016
Horror Freak News

Documentary fanatics are about to see a sliver of cinema that should more than make their day. Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary, is a brand new documentary all about one of the greatest Stephen King adaptations in existence. The film, Pet Sematary has been a fan favorite since release in 1989, and it will no doubt see more interest directed in its way with the arrival ofUnearthed & Untold.

We’ve got a look at the documentary’s official trailer, and it’s quite compelling. It’s also worth the wait we’ve been subjected to, as word of the doc heading to production first surfaced half a decade ago. We couldn’t be more excited to see this movie.

The official documentary will see release this coming October. However, thanks to Terror Films, fans can get their hands on a limited edition set well before then. For $40, you’ll walk away with the DVD/Blu-ray (Region Free), a poster, a t-shirt, and stickers.Pre-orders are live, and the offer is only available for 27 days. If you do opt to preorder the limited edition set you’ll have the entire package no later than July 17th.

“When we first set out for Maine nearly six years ago we thought, at most, we would take some photographs of the filming locations from Stephen King’s Pet Sematary and post them to social media,” said filmmakers John Campopiano and Justin White. “But upon that very first visit we knew that we had stumbled upon something special — stories, people, and places that had been barely documented for the extensive, global horror fan community. We knew within that first year that we needed to go back to Maine and continue to dig, not just to satisfy our own curiosities but also to try and bring an in-depth making of story about Pet Sematary to others who also share a deep appreciation for the film.”

Now chew on this awesome trailer!