Oct 13th 2016
Modern Horrors

Love is a tricky mistress. There are times in life when you want nothing more than to share every moment you have with another human being. But sometimes you need a little space, right? Jon Knautz’sThe Goddess of Love  takes those two conflicting extremes and throws them into a surrealistic rollercoaster that certainly delivers the goods… as long as you’re willing to wait for them. That’s not to say that the film is boring or slow–it’s genuinely interesting and engaging throughout, but there’s not much horror to be found in the opening stretch. There is; however, an abundance of the  fearless Alexis Kendra being all kinds of hot and crazy.

She portrays Venus; a seemingly “cultured” young women simply looking to keep her head above water. She takes ballet lessons, studies up on her French in the car, practices her piano at home, and experiments with various art and recreational drug use before clocking in for her shift at the local strip club. It’s an odd balance that lends to the idea that there’s a lot more going on with Venus than we realize. And no matter how beautiful she may be on the exterior, the inner workings of this woman are sort of terrifying.

One thing leads to another, and Venus finds herself shacked up and in love with a man she meets while working. But once things begin to cool off, Venus will do whatever it takes to keep the man of her dreams. And let me tell you: Glenn Close ain’t got shit on Alexis Kendra.

The Goddess of Love is perfect for those looking for a sexy dramatic horror that’s heavy on psychology. The performances are quite good, and the chaotic and jazzy musical composition meshes wonderfully with the film’s aesthetic. There are some interestingly chosen shots that lead to moments of poor dynamic range and blown out highlights, but it’s a well put together film–even when those moments make it feel a little more “budget” than I would like. Then again, if you don’t pay attention to shit like that, you’ll be just fine.

Recommended for a one time watch. It deserves that at the very least.

The Goddess of Love is currently available on VOD platforms.