First Look: Terror Films Announces EVP-Based Horror, “TRACE”

Jun 9th 2014

Early this month, veteran graphic artist Ryan Brookhart completed photography on TRACE, both his directorial debut and premiere release from the new horror production company Terror Films. Headed by Peter Schafer (CEO of Sunrise Pictures), Terror Films is a micro-budget based company with its own criteria, including no extreme gore or unnecessary violence and no female exploitation. Terror Films and Brookhart provided FANGORIA with an exclusive sneak peek into the film.

TRACE follows a group of friends experiencing EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) transmissions through recording equipment at their sound studio. Of course, this leads to terrifying occurrences and subtle plot twists with what could be extraterrestrial beings, demons or fears materialized by the personal psyche.

“My conceit is, ‘what if we are communicating with the multi-verse?'” Brookhart tells Fango. “What if EVP is touching on Quantum physics? [What if] these demons or angels that we’re communicating with, these voices may in fact be ourselves or different versions of ourselves?”

Although the story was originally conceived to be a bigger production than what TERROR FILMS could provide, Brookhart more-than-willingly worked to develop the script into what would better fit the required space. The filmmaker was also able to bring a lot of his own team and talents on board, including Matt Sweeney as Director of Photography and Joseph Panwitz on visual effects. “He has far exceeded what we expected on set,” said producer Joe Dain. “We expected that he’d come prepared, but we still went in a little concerned for a first time feature film director, ready to damage control, as producers do…and we haven’t had to worry about a damn thing.”

Expect a teaser for TRACE next month.  For more, visit the Terror Films Official Site.