An Explosive DVD Release for Landmine Goes Click this May 31st

May 25th 2016
28 DLA

The fine folks at Terror Films have set a DVD date forLandmine Goes Click. This terrifying film, from the country of Georgia, will be on DVD shelves this May 31st, 2016. The film features actors Sterling Knight, Spencer Locke and Dean Geyer. Each actor plays a backpacker, waylayed by an unexploded mine. As well, the official DVD artwork for the film is here, along with the film's official trailer.

The film has received praise from critics and it has won several awards. The film has already won Best Drama Feature, at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival. As well, Landmine Goes Click won Best Foreign Film at Fantafestival. This feature was released through video-on-demand platforms in November. But, this is your chance to track down a hard copy of the feature, on DVD!

Release Date: May 31st, 2016 (DVD).

Director: Levan Bakhia.

Writers: Levan Bakhia, Adrian Colussi and Lloyd S. Wagner.

Cast: Sterling Knight, Spencer Locke and Dean Geyer.

The film's official DVD trailer:

*the DVDs will be available at the Family Video franchises. More info' here:

The Family Video Website