A Demonic Family Feud Takes Place in The Chosen

Dec 5th 2015

This horror fan noticed a new horror film on this writer's Netflix queue - The Chosen. The film, from Terror Films and Supergravity Pictures, features Youtube superstarKian Lawley. Lawley plays Cameron, a doting uncle, tasked with an inhuman murderous job. The film also starsMykayla Sohn and Angelica Chitwood, with the film produced by Joe Dain, Jim Klock and Miles Fineburg. Now available on numerous platforms, a preview of the film's release is hosted here.

From the story, Cameron's niece is corrupted by an ancient Jewish demon of lore - Lilith (Stefanie Estes). To save her, Cameron must kill six of his family members, to set Angie (Sohn) free. Can he do it? 

The film will also be available through Redbox. The Chosen will be available on this format in the middle of December. Though, this format will only be available to Americans as Redbox has recently pulled out of Canada. Also, the film is already on iTunes. This tale of terror is ready to be shown on home entertainment platforms, right now!

Director: Ben Jehoshua.

Writers : Barry Jay, Ben Jehoshua and Andrew J. Scheppmann.

Cast: Kian Lawley, Elizabeth Keener and Angelica Chitwood.